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"Nothing will improve your bridge more than being able to practice as if you were right at the table, and Vu-bridge has opened that door for a world of players."

Frank Stewart

Now, what about playing hands prepared by the most famous authors?

This is precisely what V-Green is all about:

The best bridge online format...

... To play hands prepared by the best authors!

 David Bird   Barry Rigal   Frank Stewart 
 Bobby Wolff   Phillip Alder   And more... 

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V-Green e-Newsletter
Table of Content

Twice a month you will receive by email your V-Green e-Newsletter full of great bridge hands and other goodies!

Here's what you'll get to start with:

One Series of 6 to 8 hands featuring a particular topic.

  • From David Bird: Improve your No-trump play.
  • From Barry Rigal: Planning and counting.
  • From Paul Bowyer: Defense All Sorts.
  • From other famous authors.

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Over 500 hands per year prepared by top bridge masters for only
US$ 45.00

In total each newsletter will present 18 to 24 hands to enjoy and improve your skills.
The above topics are just examples of topics to be covered. For each subject we are going to release about 4 to 12 sequels in order to provide you with in-depth coverage.

Twice a month extra series will be available featuring:
  • A guest author. For instance Anthony Moon. a.k.a. "Mr. Squeeze".
  • A championship report in Vu-Bridge format written by a reknown Expert.
  • Sponsored series featuring hands from an upcoming bridge book to play in Vu-Bridge format